The Idaho Juvenile Justice Association provides the opportunity to honor our colleagues for their hard work and dedication. All nominees for district awards must be members of IJJA, please review the IJJA membership list. District Representatives review every nomination submitted and determine the eight IJJA award recipients (one from each district) in addition to the John Shuler Award.

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Commitment to Service Award: Dedication – Leadership – Teamwork

One member from each District will be selected.

A person nominated for this award should be an active IJJA member. There are no restrictions on who may be nominated (administrator, secretary, line worker, educator, counselor, etc.). We recognize there are many individuals who are worthy of this award and are very interested in your nomination.

Please nominate a colleague who has demonstrated:


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  • Examples of DEDICATION
  • Examples of LEADERSHIP
  • Examples of TEAMWORK
  • Acknowledgements/awards within the past year
  • Contributions to the field

John Shuler Award

One Person from the State will be selected.

John Shuler started working for the state of Idaho in 1961. John was hired as the youth Rehabilitation Coordinator to help set standardized probation and parole services throughout Idaho. John was the spark plug to help develop resources such as foster homes, group homes, and county probation services. John was instrumental in development of the Juvenile Diagnostic facility at State hospital North and numerous other placement and treatment resources.

John was on to the Original Founders of the Idaho Correctional Association. He served in just about every position and served as president for 2 years.

John touched the lives of thousands of kids and their families. If you asked those who where around John they would tell you that he had some impact on their lives. He was an extraordinary example of the level of professional and personal commitment we would all strive to emulate. John used to say, “if you are going to work with these kids, you have to really like people and do everything you can to help them or you will burn out or end up hurting them more than you help.”

I the mid 80’s Johns died of a heart attack. John was just 48 years old. In 1984 John’s wife
Marilyn was the first recipient of the John Shuler Award.

Since then every year the John Shuler Award has been awarded in order to recognize the exemplary service of an individual in the Juvenile justice system.

A person Nominated for the John Shuler Award should be in a position to directly impact youth and is viewed by others as exuding excellence in service delivery to children and families, the recipient of the John Shuler award must show this commitment to youth in Idaho and does not have to be an active member of IJJA. At a minimum the recipient should have demonstrated experience in the field of juvenile justice social work, have a commitment to children and families, demonstrate the ability to individualize services, and had an actual impact on individuals in the juvenile justice field.


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