Board Duties


President Duties

  1. Chair Executive Board and IJJA Board of Directors. Supervise all of the business and affairs of the IJJA. Set tentative meeting schedule at the 1st meeting (September – after conference) for the year.
  2. Make or cause to be made, a full written report of all Board and IJJA activities and expenditures at the annual membership meeting.
  3. Appoint a Secretary and Treasurer.
  4. Generate agenda for each meeting.
  5. Set up meeting space and coordinate with Past President for lodging & flights, including meals (if appropriate) for Board members.
  6. Attend Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission meetings as often as possible (meetings are quarterly), but at least once/year with President-Elect also in attendance.
  7. Coordinate with Executive Board to submit a letter to Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission in January/February requesting scholarship funding, if funding is available, for the upcoming conference (include dollar amount of request).
  8. Submit official final letter of request to Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission requesting the monies designated by the Commission for scholarships (may or may not match the request), if funding is available.
  9. Report (with Treasurer) to Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission in October/December (after conference) with list of scholarship recipients and account of Commission monies, if utilized.
  10. Address issues/concerns of Board or membership at each meeting, or as they arise.
  11. Ensure that Representatives and Board Members understand, and are fulfilling, their tasks as representatives and on their respective committees and are following the Standing Rules & Bylaws of the IJJA.
  12. Direct meetings to facilitate communication and progress of the Idaho Juvenile Justice Association in their goals.
  13. Review and facilitate changes to Rules and By-Laws of the Association, as necessary.


President Elect Duties

  1. Chair Regular and Executive Board meetings in absence of President.
  2. Serve as the hotel coordinator for the annual conference.
  3. Coordinate room reservations for all scholarship recipients, if applicable, after receiving final scholarship information from the Lead Representative.
  4. Provide a finalized rooming list to the hotel for IJJA Board Members and Speakers. Other rooming lists may include scholarship “roommates,” Judges’, Prosecutors’, and Elected Officials’ rooms.
  5. Serve as primary contact of the hotel for questions regarding rooming issues during the conference (scholarship recipients may not make rooming adjustments directly with the hotel – the hotel will understand that any adjustments will only be made through the President-Elect).
  6. Coordinate with the hotel for meal counts for IJJA conference and serve as the hotel coordinator for the annual conference.
  7. Attend Juvenile Justice Commission meetings with President to update Commission on status of Board and conference preparations.
  8. Assist President as necessary during current year and accept the position of President for the following year.


Past President Duties

  1. Advises on past practices of the Corporation and oversees the operation of IJJA as an Executive Board member.
  2. Vice Chair of the conference committee.
  3. May co-sign all checks (with other Executive Officer) over the amount of $500 authorized by the Board of Directors.
  4. Meets once every (2) months, or as often as deemed necessary, as part of the Executive Board.
  5. Attends all regular Board meetings, as Board of Directors’ member.
  6. Solicits nominations for following year’s Board of Directors from membership (via website, newsletter, or e-mail) approximately late June/early July.
  7. Prepares ballots of nominees for each individual District (with room for write-ins). BALLOTS ARE DISTRICT-SPECIFIC: i.e. Top of ballot lists Executive Board members up for election (consistent on all ballots) – Bottom portion lists Representative nominees for that specific district and District Ballots shall be given to all IJJA members in attendance at the Annual Conference, to be provided at Conference Registration.
  8. Ballots must be returned to the designated ballot box located at the Registration Desk at Conference no later than the end of the last breakout session one day prior to the annual business meeting.
  9. Ballots shall be counted at the conference location prior to the business meeting. Ballots are counted by the IJJA Past President and one other designated IJJA board member. Election results shall be announced at the IJJA business luncheon.
  10. Solicits nominations for the John Shuler and Commitment to Service Awards from membership (via website, newsletter, and/or E-mail) approximately mid to late June. Nominations may be mailed, faxed, emailed or submitted online via the IJJA website to the Past President, but are due by the August Board Meeting.
  11. Nominations are collected and separated by District.
  12. District Representatives will vote for the award recipient in their respective district at the August IJJA meeting. (i.e. District I nominations will be voted on by District I Representatives). In the event a Representative is nominated, the remaining District Representative from that District shall make the determination. If no other District Representative exists for that District, the Board of Directors shall vote in that Representative’s place. All Board Members shall vote on the John Shuler award recipient.
  13. Once award recipients are determined, plaques will be ordered from a designated vendor. Plaques will be awarded to recipients at the IJJA conference.
  14. Advises on past practices of the Association and oversees the operation of IJJA as an Executive Board member.
  15. May co-sign all checks (with other Executive Officer) over the amount of $500 authorized by the Board of Directors.
  16. Meets once every (2) months, or as often as deemed necessary, as part of the Executive Committee.
  17. Attends all regular Board meetings, as Board of Directors’ member.


Vice President Duties

  1. Poll board membership and Conference Evaluations for topics and speaker ideas.
  2. Contact prospective speakers for availability/commitment. Negotiate date/time for speaker presentations, fees, travel expenditures (flight & hotels), etc. Provide speaker updates to the Board of Directors and request approval to confirm speaker commitments. Send e-mail confirmations to speakers with negotiated terms and obtain speakers’ resume, biography and audio/visual needs.
  3. Set time and room schedule for breakout session times.
  4. Schedule opening speaker, banquet speaker, and closing speakers, as needed.
  5. Provide Board with speaker itinerary. Work closely with President concerning decisions regarding speakers, maintaining open communication regarding status of conference itinerary and continue to update the board at each meeting.
  6. Provide conference itinerary to each speaker. Speakers should be confirmed by May, if possible. Work with speakers to obtain any remaining missing information as needed.
  7. Assist speakers in making necessary travel arrangements OR advise speakers to bring all travel expense receipts to conference for reimbursement, as negotiated. If the speaker requests IJJA to make their arrangements, direct bill to IJJA.
  8. Request and assign moderators to each speaker. Create a list and schedule of moderators before the conference. Speak with moderators and provide them with copies of the schedule and speaker biography/ introduction. Work with CEU/POST/MCLE committee to provide moderators with required paperwork.
  9. Provide a list of speaker A/V needs to the assigned committee. This list also goes to the hotel contact person for fee negotiations. Ensure the hotel, past president, and A/V committee lead have received the A/V list and that all items will be provided.
  10. Work with President-Elect to ensure speakers have rooms reserved at the conference hotel, as negotiated. Confirm arrival and departure dates with each speaker.
  11. Assist in developing the conference program. Deadline is August 31st, or as soon as possible.
  12. Prepare thank you notes and arrange speaker gifts. Gifts will be given to speakers when they check into the conference. Thank you notes should be given to speakers.
  13. Receive master copies of all handouts from speakers. Ensure enough copies are made if the speaker has not brought them him/herself, if negotiated. Ensure handouts are received by moderators prior to applicable sessions.
  14. Act as contact for all speakers at conference and take care of speakers’ needs/concerns.
  15. Collect evaluations and give to secretary to summarize and tabulate.


Treasurer Duties

  1. The Treasurer is appointed by the IJJA President and shall be the principle financial officer for IJJA and shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds of the IJJA.
  2. The Treasurer shall co-sign any and all checks on any amount exceeding $500.00.
  3. Sign all checks and promissory notes and shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the IJJA from any source whatsoever and deposit all such monies in the name of IJJA in such financial institutions as determined by the IJJA Board.
  4. Keep adequate and correct accounts, including assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements. Provide a report at each meeting and upon the request of the IJJA Board or President.
  5. The IJJA Treasurer will receive all memberships and record current paid members for that fiscal year and coordinate with the Secretary.
  6. Manage all conference registrations and immediately following the IJJA Conference, prepare final financial accounting (expenses/income) for the conference.
  7. In September, attend first meeting and present brief explanation of responsibilities and requirements for reimbursement procedures.
  8. Ensure payment for board meeting meals, travel and lodging.
  9. In April, complete current board information for state tax commission to maintain tax exempt status (will be mailed or contact state tax commission) .
  10. In June, submit tax information to contacted accountant for tax purposes.
  11. In July, contact the conference site and provide form ST-101 (tax exempt form) for upcoming conference. Prepare current conference registration form and receive board approval to be posted to the IJJA website, http://www.ijja.us. Also, work with the Lead Representative on scholarships awarded and accepted.
  12. In August, record and maintain all registrations from scholarship recipients and conference attendees. Maintain meal counts for President Elect. Maintain accounting of vendor payments and work with lead vendor representative.
  13. In September, continue to maintain meal counts for President Elect. Also continue to maintain accounting of vendor payments and work with lead vendor representative. Submit registered IJJA members for printing name tags. Bring start-up cash for conference (raffles, apparel, etc.) and work with President to acquire a safety deposit box or safe at the confere3nce site/hotel. Pick up and account daily for income and deposit in safety deposit box. Finalize all billing with hotel to ensure accuracy.


Secretary Duties

  1. Record minutes of each IJJA board meeting and take roll of board members at each meeting. Submit minutes to the President for proof reading and approval prior to emailing the minutes to the board members. Minutes must be emailed to board members within two weeks of the last meeting for distribution to IJJA members.
  2. Ensure every Board Member has signed the Code of Conduct form each year. Keep signed forms on file.
  3. Maintain a current list of all members and distribute to Board of Directors. IJJA Membership cards or certificates should be emailed to current IJJA members, annually. The signature of the President needs to be changed annually.
  4. Keep accurate membership lists, based on updates from the Treasurer. E-Mail the membership list to Board Members as necessary.
  5. Update all IJJA forms, brochures, and other documents as necessary.
  6. Complete any additional task assigned by President.


Lead Representative Duties

  1. Assist the President in filling all Board positions by locating candidates and obtaining votes from entire Board.
  2. Create “press release” statements after Board Meetings, to be sent to District & Tribal Representatives, with importation IJJA information to be further distributed to District IJJA members.
  3. Coordinate with the Treasurer to determine scholarship distribution numbers in each District. IJJA awards a total of 80 scholarships, but may change due to funding availability. Follow scholarship guidelines as laid out in the IJJA Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. First scholarship drawing is July 1st. Second scholarship drawing is July 15th. Other drawings are done as scholarships are declined and at the discretion of the board.
  5. Notify scholarship recipients, by e-mail, and provide a Scholarship Acceptance/Transferee form. Any member drawn for a scholarship can choose to accept, decline, or transfer their scholarship to any paid IJJA member within their District. If declined, the scholarship will be returned to the general drawing. Ensure supervisors have signed the returned scholarship forms.
  6. Coordinate with District Representatives for follow-up scholarship assistance.
  7. If scholarships include cost of hotel rooms, create a rooming list of scholarship “roommates” and send it to the President-Elect. Scholarship recipients working within one (1) hour of the conference site will not be eligible for scholarship hotel rooms.


Representative Duties

  1. Committed to, and supportive of, the mission and goals of IJJA.
  2. Hold office for a term of two years. If this is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances after the Representative has been elected, the Representative is to make every effort to hold office until the Annual Conference in September is complete.
  3. Hold office until successors have been elected and qualified. Continue handling all assigned duties until a new Representative has been elected, as notified by President.
  4. Attend all Board of Director meetings. Only two absences will be allowed.
  5. Vote on monetary and other important issues at meetings.
  6. Vote for Lead Representative at the first IJJA meeting.
  7. Acquire memberships through promotion of Association and contact with District members. Continually encourage membership in your district by contacting previous members that have not renewed and potential new members.
  8. Represent your district at every meeting. Give a report of events occurring in your district every meeting. This information will be included in the IJJA newsletter.
  9. Distribute minutes to general membership in your district within two weeks of receiving them from the secretary. Minutes from the November meeting will be sent to all members, regardless if membership has been renewed. Minutes from all future meetings will be distributed to current members only.
  10. Maintain regular contact with IJJA members in their district and provide any necessary information. A district representative acts as liaison to the members.
  11. Have membership on conference committees, with the exception of the Executive Committee. Attend to rules and duties of those specific committees.
  12. Acquire at least ten (10) raffle prizes for the raffle committee before the conference.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.
  14. Each board member is expected to pay $8.00 towards the lunch fee at board meetings. Although the Board most often pays for travel and lodging expenses, it is the Representative’s responsibility to pay for their own food expenses. Please speak with your Employers and ask them to support you in any way possible.

Updates approved by the General Membership at the Business Luncheon on September 20, 2016.