Committe Duties


Entertainment Duties

This committee is responsible for deciding entertainment options for the conference. This includes all functions except for the IJJA luncheon. All monies spent MUST be voted on and approved by the Board of Directors. Also, all contracts entered into MUST be signed by an Executive Board member, preferably beginning with the President. If the President is not physically available to sign the contract, then the contract can be signed by the Past President, President Elect or Vice President (in that order).


Newsletter Duties

This committee is responsible for obtaining information from the different Board members and sending out a QUARTERLY (fall, winter, spring & summer) newsletter. Deadline dates should be established and placed in the first newsletter. Members at large can also submit articles to the newsletter. The newsletter needs to be submitted to the E-Board for approval and spell checking prior to being sent out. Copies of past newsletters can be obtained from the last newsletter lead.


Raffle Duties

Choose raffle committee members and lead. Revise IJJA donation letter. All IJJA board members are responsible for obtaining at least ten (10) raffle items for the annual Conference. Keep a list of donated items and determine a designated person to store the items near the conference location. This committee is also responsible for coordinating other events (i.e. Monday Night Football board) and obtaining door prizes and purchasing big gift items, as needed. The committee also organizes drawings throughout the conference and the sale of tickets (although all changes in ticket sales must be approved by the Board). All monies donated and received must go through the treasurer for accounting purposes. The raffle committee also works during the whole conference to make sure the correct prizes go to the correct recipients and that vendors are properly advertised. Make sure all money donations go through the treasurer. Send out thank-you cards to all Vendors who have donated to the raffle.


Registration Duties

This committee is lead by the IJJA Treasurer and the Secretary will assist. Ensure all necessary registration information and equipment is at the registration desk, to include IJJA signs, name tags, and lanyards. Committee can solicit board members to assist at the registration desk for rotating coverage. Individuals paying for registration at the time of arrival usually require receipts. The registration desk also sells guest tickets.

CEU's, MCLE's, & POST Credits


See procedures documents stored in the IJJA Google Drive.


Hotel Duties

The President & President-Elect will lead this committee and serves as the liaison to hotel staff during the conference.


Vendor Duties

Choose vendor committee members and lead. This committee solicits vendors, sends out information regarding vendor options (vendor letter/packet), and assists vendors in setting up booths, requests vendor nametags and conference information. They are available to vendors during the conference to assist them in meeting with conference participants. Negotiate terms of vendor contract and work closely with IJJA Treasurer.


Scholarship Duties

Lead Representative is the chair of the Scholarship Committee. The Lead Representative will work closely with the IJJA Treasurer to determine proper scholarship distribution numbers in each district.


Audio/Visual Duties

This committee ensures that Conference Speakers have all their Audio/Visual equipment needed for breakout sessions. They handle onsite A/V problems and work closely with the Hotel Contact and Vice President (in charge of Speakers). Solicits board members to bring laptops, projectors, and speakers for use at the conference.


Awards Duties

The Past President is the lead of the committee and is responsible for collecting award nominees and presenting them for vote at the August Board Meeting.

Updates approved by the General Membership at the Business Luncheon September 20, 2016.